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Ozark Writer‘s Retreat

Author Retreat

A place to learn and focus on your writing journey.

So you want to write a book?

Designed for both new and experienced writers, award-winning author Steve Watkins leads several 4-day seminars that covers the art and science of an ever-evolving business. The private seminars are structured in an intimate and personal setting, each limited to eight writers, around this format:

Day 1 – Faith & Craft

Day 2 – Content Marketing and Your Authentic Brand

Day 3 – The Evolution and Balance in Publishing: Art and Business

Day 4 – The Deeper You

Special Classes Include, But Are Not Limited to:

Finding Your Voice

How to Land an Agent

How to Set Up a Book Tour

Being True to Your Brand

How to Sell Without Selling

Platform: Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Top 10 Mistakes
Self-Published Authors Make

Solvitur Ambulando: Keeping Your Creativity Fresh

Media Management: Working with TV, Newspaper
and Radio

Don’t Waste Your Wilderness: Channeling the Most Difficult Times in Your Life Toward the Greater Good

Sound interesting? Let’s talk!